Mark Eckhardt

Thoughts On Cool Shit That Matters

ark is a Zen Priest who trains visionary leaders, launches social businesses, loves cycling, composing music and trying to make the world spin in the opposite way.

Make It Personal

If what you are doing isn't intended to touch the heart of another person, then how can you blame them for not buying your product or using your service.

For social entrepreneurs, this couldn't be more important. Push beyond the low hanging fruit of social impact, and making a difference in the world as your USP. Once you've baked that into your model don't dwell on that fact, check the box, and move on to finding something that people would move mountains for.

Josh Bronstein, Founder of Flint & Tinder hit the mark when he said, "I don't want you to buy a pair of our men's underwear because it was made in America and is socially responsible, I want you to buy our product because it is your favorite pair of premium men's underwear."

No rocket science here. Just make whatever you are doing personal.