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Misbelieving In Race

A story on NBC's nightly news with Brain Williams shocked me. 

Only 47% of African American men graduate from high school.

Given my complextion you may be anticipating the typical rant - sorry that's not going to happen. Ten years ago I might have argued from the perspective of being a black man in America, however, in 2010 I don't think so. By the way, this has nothing to do with Obama, and everything having to do with having engaged in Zen for the last 13 years.

Here is one of the most powerful pieces of Zen training I have ever received.  To quote Ron Smothermon from his book Winning Through Enlightenment, "The only race that exists is the one going on at the track."

At first read, that might prompt an angry response; how dare he take my race away.

A deeper look reveals the falseness of race, from the perspective of Absolute, or true reality. 

Statistics such as the 47% mentioned above are only the outcome of believing that race is actually real. The truth is that it is not, meaning that black, or African American if you prefer to be pc, and everything that comes with it is made up. The same goes for whites.

Regardless of how good of a person you are, if your reality includes the belief that people are black or white, that makes you a racist.

All history aside, this abdominal situation of low levels of educational attainment is due to poor leadership and ignorance. 

If you want to do something about it start from you are a racist, and then explore how this holds true in your thoughts and actions. And if you want to really get a good dose of this part of yourself, set aside some time to do Zazen, Zen meditation.

The answer to the most challenging problems does not exist solely in policy change, funding or handouts. It exists in you.

Simply put, change your thinking and you will change the world.

Welcome to Zen training for leaders.


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