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A Crisis That Keeps Growing.

Here is a first hand account of the impact of poor leadership. This time the victims are our younger generation.

Time to wake up folks. The sidelines are growing smaller and smaller by the day. Sooner or later you will have to engage, like it or not.

The following is a note I received from a friend and devoted mother of two.

I am just hearing the day's news of the first day back at Venice.  
(Delayed a week as a budget cut).  Several (really great) teachers have chosen to retire over the summer. Some classes are packed to bursting.  And I find that my son had to sit on the floor during class as there were no seats left.  The students are upset and I can only imagine how the teachers feel.
Parents are being asked to supply everything from pencils to toilet paper and soap.

This from a SuperPower Nation.

I do so hope we can get a groundswell of shared information and energy that can bring attention and action. This is beyond a crisis. We have fear mongering about biological warfare - what about a nation facing a level of education that renders us into third world status. Again I feel we have something so obvious and detrimental in full view and yet there is neither the outrage or shared intention to make substantial correction.

These wonderful children are being wasted. The bar is being set at mediocre and a whole generation is slipping into ho-hum - or worse.
Nothing, absolutely nothing good can come of this lack of attention to education.