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Collaboration is the future

A colleague of mine hipped me to a New York Times article about an important breakthrough in the battle against Alzheimer's. The breakthrough came as a result of a different approach used by researches that was based entirely on sharing information freely.

Here is a quick excerpt:

 The work on Alzheimer’s “is the precedent,” said Holly Barkhymer, a spokeswoman for the foundation. “We’re really excited.” The key to the Alzheimer’s project was an agreement as ambitious as its goal: not just to raise money, not just to do research on a vast scale, but also to share all the data, making every single finding public immediately, available to anyone with a computer anywhere in the world.

No one would own the data. No one could submit patent applications, though private companies would ultimately profit from any drugs or imaging tests developed as a result of the effort.

True collaboration is rapidly becoming the new methodology for solving some of society's most challenging problems. Individuals and companies will need to prepare themselves for a massive shift in the way that information is generated, used and disseminated, or they will be left behind.

From a Zen perspective, this change in approach highlights the growing need to function outside of the traditional ways and means.  As my friend wisely stated, the future of Intellectual Property holds a different role and meaning from that which we are accustomed in today's business environment.  Those who are able to adapt quickly will have an advantage.

Through Zen training people develop a new way of relating to change. This allows for an effective response without the common hangups or delays. 

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