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ark is a Zen Priest who trains visionary leaders, launches social businesses, loves cycling, composing music and trying to make the world spin in the opposite way.

Impact - Honoring Maezumi Roshi

Today I had the privilege of being with the children of one of Zen Buddhism's most influential masters from the 20th Century.

Maezumi Roshi, one of the thirteen Masters that braught Zen to the United States, passed fifiteen years ago. In addition to founding the Zen Center of Los Angeles, training teachers that would become his successors, and sharing Zen with thousands of people from around the world, he was a husband and father to three children.

In listening to his children, now adults, speak about realizing the impact their father had on so many people, in spite of the challenges that came with it, I experienced what it meant to be committed to something larger than one's self.

To see the effects a lifetime spent supporting people in being "who they are," was a power beyond all other powers.

Few people ever have the courage to dedicate themselves to such service.

Thank you Roshi and family.