Mark Eckhardt

Thoughts On Cool Shit That Matters

ark is a Zen Priest who trains visionary leaders, launches social businesses, loves cycling, composing music and trying to make the world spin in the opposite way.

Jump And The Net Will Appear!

A good friend of mine once told me that if you jump the net will appear. She shared this with me at critical time in her life. It was at the juncture of a good life having run itself out, and an uncertain future. She jumped, and now is the owner of an amazing business that does over $25 million in revenue a year. Not only that, she found the man of her dreams, is now married and has the family that she has always dreamed of.

So what if that kind of action and results were not really a jump at all. What if they were part of your normal everyday life. This is where Zen Training comes in.