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Marty Neumeir

Today I was introduced to Marty Neumeir by a friend. 

By introduced, I refer to his brilliant work.

In his book The Brand Gap, he illustrates the difference between a charismatic brands and ordinary brands. To make his point, he writes:

An editor of Windows magazine, Mike Elgan, illustrated the difference between ordinary brands and charismatic brands in two succinct sentences: "Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is famous for a crazy video in which he yells I-Love-This-Company. With Apple, it's the customers who shout that." This may explain why BusinessWeek's top-100 survey placed Microsoft's brand value at only 17% of it market cap, and Apple's at an impressive 66%.


The premise, a brand is not what you say it is, It's what they say it is.

A good reminder to us all to look outside of ourselves whether it be individually or an organization.