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ark is a Zen Priest who trains visionary leaders, launches social businesses, loves cycling, composing music and trying to make the world spin in the opposite way.

The Green Gap

Doing a lot of work in the social entrepreneur space as of late, and find that many of those brave enough to ditch the conventional gig for more social conscious pursuits are bumping up against "just because its good for the planet, does not mean its a viable concept for a business."

The distance between viable business and for the greater good is not only a factor of a great idea, but market demand too. In fact a recent study by Olgivy indicated 82% of Americans have good green intentions, but of those 82%, only 16% are dedicated to fulfilling these intentions. 

At this point the majority of consumers are not quite able to walk the talk; meaning that they have the information they need to "go green," but are not expressing it through their actions yet. There are a lot of factors that make up this dynamic, that they aspiring social entrepreneur would benefit from incorporating into their thinking, designing and actions. 

To assist, here is a wonderful slide presentation Entitled get Going With Green by Oglivy. For the accompanying research document, click here. 

Get Going With Green: Presentation

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